Stage Lighting & Truss rentals

Weatherproof Outdoor LED

Weatherproof OUTDOOR LED 6-In-1
Weather proof fixture with 7 15-watt red, green, blue, white, amber, and UV LEDs.  These are very bright fixtures and great for stage lighting, up-lighting, and black light events!  25 deg beam angle. Rentals are 4 each/case.  
Starting at $100 48 Hours

Weatherproof LEDs in action

Source Four Jr Zoom Elipsoidal

Source Four JR Zoom (25 - 50 deg) 575  Watt Ellipsoidal Spotlight used for stage lighting or to project gobo's (monograms)   Starting at $15  48 Hours

Source Four Elipsoidal

Source Four bodies with your choice of the same type of 19, 26, 36 or 50 degree lens tubes,  Color Frames,  Clamps Safety Cables and HPL Lamps, 575 or 750. Starting at $25 for  48  hours

Wireless Battery LED fixture

INDOOR LED 6-In-One battery powered fixture with 9 - 15 watt red, green, blue, white, amber and UV LED's.These are very bright fixtures great for stage lighting, up lighting and black light events!  35 degree beam angle. The units even have wireless DMX  so you can change the room any color under the rainbow (additional controller needed for that) No unsightly wires! Starting at  6 for $120 - 48 hour rental. 

6 In 1 Charging Case

 Case of 6  shown . Case Dimensions:  18" x 16" x 24.5" (approx 45 lbs) 6 lights in a case. Starting at $120  -  48 hour rental. 

6 In 1 Battery LEDs' In Action

Platinum Spot LED Moving Head

 Features a 135W Cool White LED engine, 17° beam, 8 dichroic colors plus white, 7 rotating, interchangeable, glass and 7 static metal gobos, frost filter hybrid wash effect, 3-facet rotating prism with 16 prism macros,
motorized iris, focus, and dimming, high
speed mechanical shutter and strobe,
hibernation mode, 3 and 5pin DMX in/out connections,  and flicker free operation for TV and FILM. Starting at  $75 for Starting at $120  -  48 hour rental. 

LED Moving Head Wash

 LED Moving Head Wash
7 - 15 watt red, green, blue, white,
amber and UV LED's. These are
very bright fixtures great for stage
lighting, dance floor lighting and
black light events! DMX and
sound active. Starting at $15 for a 48 hour rental.

60 Watt LED Moving Head

Feature packed, 60-watt LED moving head spot features a three-facet rotating prism that splits the beam for great effects and to cover a larger area. Static and  rotating gobos with electronic focus, 8 colors + white  and an electronic dimmer allows for super-smooth LED fading. Gobo Size: 22mm Outside, 20mm Image, 1.2mm max thickness. These fixtures only rent out with one of our technicians. Starting at $25 - 48 hour rental

Video of our lights in action

Check out this video of our 60 Watt LED Moving Heads and Wireless battery powered Up Lights in action at The Killeen Civic and Conference Center

Pro Lighting MIDIcon Controller

Specifications: Grand master fader (100mm) and blackout button bank of 32 buttons for instant effects or scene calling 16 pages 3 encoder wheels 12 touch pads for bumps and other momentary effects 6 general purpose buttons for often used functions. Compatible with any midi capable software such as Compu Live/Show, MYDMX and Emulation USB MIDI, bus powered Gooseneck worklight. Starting at $35 for 48 hours

Stage Setter 24 Controller

 Total of 24 Channels DMX-512outputScene Master fader playbacks Scene Master bumpplay backs10 programmable chases •  5 built-in chases Separate speed & fade control for chase playback X & Y 

manual scene Crossfade Audio trigger  MIDI trigger. Starting at $15 48 Hour

Obey 6 Controller

.Capable of controlling up to 6 channels per fixture, the Obey™ 6 allows you to control effects by simultaneously operating each fixture in different playback modes, with variable fade times. Increase flexibility with playback options that include manual RGBAWUV, automated and sound-activated model. Increase control with adjustable audio sensitivity, strobe, and blackout effects.Starting at $7 48 Hour

Elation Compushow Software

Elation Compu Show   
Features ; Compu Show comes standard with powerful 3D Visualization software, 3D Easy View, which allows you to easily create a -scenario of your imagination using Studio 3D
object formatting. Basic Objects and truss structures are included to help in getting started right away, and lighting fixtures are instantly inputted as soon as you create a page in the Compu Show software. With laptop. Please call for a quote.

575 Watt Follow Spot

 Follow Spot 575
575 watt compact  follow spot.  Bright white  HMI 575 watt bulb, comes with a stand. Manually change through 4 dichroic colors (red, blue, green, yellow) plus open. On top, a lever controls the aperture and a black out lever on the side. The lens on the front is 3.5 inches and can be adjusted for a soft or hard edge. Great for throws 30 - 100 feet. At 30 feet away the light projects a 10 foot round circle. Unit size 21x10x11 26.5 Lbs with 5' stand (8" stand also available) Starting at $35 - 48 Hours

Dimmer Packs

DMX  dimmer packs 4 channels
@ 500 watt perch  & 4 channels at 10 amps per channels Starting at $5 48 -Hours

Martin Magnum Hazer

 Martin Magnum Hazer
2.5L fluid capacity Continuous operation
All digital control system 900W heat exchanger DMX512 interface (two channel, 3 pin XLR 

Starting at $25  48  Hours

Battery Pinspot

 Battery Powered LED Pin spot mounts to most drop ceilings  with the included magnet or twist in clamp. Wireless on/off operation  with the included remote.. Great for high lighting cakes and tables Has a pure white color to it and lasts about 6 hours. individuals and Case of 6 available.  Starting at $5 48 Hours


 Battery-powered 10 Watt LED gobo projector, magnetic base affixes to most metal surfaces, eliminating the need for clamps, or the scissor clip will easily attach to drop ceiling supports, Wireless
on/off operation  with the included remote.  You can easily print your own custom gobos on transparency film. GOBO size is 25.8mm 18.6mm image size. It can be made of thin metal or acetate transparency. Starting at $10  48  hours

Cirrus Laser Web Effect

The Cirrus Laser Web Effect  uses a green and red lumia effect combined with a blue LED ripple effect to create one unique laser. It has three operating modes: manual, automatic and sound-activated.  it is an excellent addition to any mobile performer's rig or small clubs. Starting at $10 for 48 hours

Kaptivator Laser 3D

 The Kaptivator™ is a high power class 3R 250mw RGB laser effect fixture that aims to please with a dazzling display of 120 static and 7 animated 3D effects. Starting at $20 for  48  Hours

Kaptivator In Action

Scorpion Dual Green Laser

 Scorpion Dual Green Laser provides you with dual FAT BEAM aerial effect laser, perfect for events with fog or haze. The unique dual mirror output makes a great centerpiece or side accent in pairs and includes 32 built-in patterns . Starts at $15 for  48  hours

Mega Trix LED Effect light

  DMX or sound activated. Many
cool patterns that can be triggered
Via DMX control or sound
activated. Can be mounted on truss
with a clamp or directly to a stand
through the hole. • Weight: 7.8lbs
• Size: 10.1 x 14.7 x 7.9in
Starting at $10 for 48-Hours

Mini Kinta LED Effect light

DMX or sound activated.Fills the room with many colorful beams of light. Beams are visible when haze or fog is present. Weight: 4.4 lbs Size: 7.5 x 10.1 x 7.2" Starting at $5 for  48  Hours

Pearl Globe String Lights

Round C7 pearl globe festoon lights, café lights 7 watt .25' or 50' strings lamps spaced 12" apart on green or white wire. Starting at $15 for 25' $30 for 50' per string for 48 Hours. The white lanterns are extra.

Festoon Light Strings

  Black E27 Festoon Light Strings. 10 watt lamps spaced 2' apart'  25' strings starting at $20 48-Hour and 50' strings Starting at $40 48-Hour  

Crank Up Lighting Stands

Crank up lighting Stands,  

9'  Starting at $15 for 48 Hours

11' Starting at $25 for for 48 hours

13' starting at $35 for 48 hours

12" Aluminum Box Truss

12" Aluminum Box Truss in various lengths and configurations. Please call or email for a quote on you exact needs. Spadex / Lycra also available in various sizes. For sale or rent . Please call or email for a quote on you exact needs. 

8'5" Aluminum Box Truss

8'6" Aluminum Box Truss in various lengths and configurations. Please call or email for a quote on you exact needs. 

Rental Policy

 We would love to help you with your equipment rental needs. Our rates are based on 48 hour periods. After the first 48 hours the equipment will be billed an additional 50% of the original rate. We have several payment plans available. The most popular is 50% deposit to reserve the equipment and the balance due the day you pick up. A Valid driver's license & credit card  is required.  Pick up and returns are by appointment 9 AM to 9 PM seven days a week.  We can deliver, setup, operate and  tear-down the equipment at reasonable rates. Please don't procrastinate! Reserve the date before it's too late!